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Welcome to MineFullTrader.

  • Earn Bitcoin on your windows device when idle or away.

  • Get rewarded with bitcoin and trade for other cryptocurrencies.

  • You can use MFT tokens to play the MFT ball raffle or spend crypto on amazon.

Coming Soon

  • Trade your mine or utilize our basic trading bot that trades on technical analysis indicators.

  • Hold over 50,000 MFT tokens and get reduced trading fees of 0.5%.

  • Hold over 100,000 MFT tokens and you pay 0% in trade fees and you'll get access to an arbitrage trading bot.

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Refer others and earn 3% of their profits paid directly from MFT.


We are pleased at MFT to release the MFT desktop app for Windows. Earn more than 1000x on PC than on mobile.

Samir Mayfield

CEO & Software Developer

Jack Schneider

CTO & Software Developer

Denis Lukavackic

Project Advisor & Marketing

Julio Jimenez

Web & App Designer

Shubham B.

Front-end Developer

Michael Roberts

Blockchain Advisor

Damir Hajdič

It Engineer

Piyachai W.

Crypto Community Member

Piyanut W.

Marketing Expert


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